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Showing this FACE at the American Pomeranian Club’s National Specialty

Hiya! As you may know, I’m Lorelei Sibet. What you may not know is – this is my FACE.

Lorelei Sibet -

Lorelei Sibet’s Face! =)

I will be showing this face at the American Pomeranian Club​’s National Specialty in Louisville, Kentucky, USA – outside the ring. I have no Poms entered because I’m coming there to meet – YOU!

Come find my face, the rest of me! I’d love to meet you – and you can check out Lynnwrights POMeranian PRO: GROOM.SHOW on my device — OR —
give me your iPhone, iPad, or Android and I’ll install the app for you*. I’m also available to answer ANY questions! I look forward to meeting YOU and being able to see all of your awesome POMS!

*Please bring any device or app store passwords and have valid credit card on account or with you and it will be EASY!)

So excited!! =)

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Living with Wolves – Part 3


Found on ilovedogs

I made a post called Living with Wolves. If you didn’t see it, you can check it out here: Then I made a follow up post called Living with Wolves – Part 2. If you didn’t see it, you can check it out here:

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert. I’m not even a trusted source. See Part 2 for more disclaimer. I am for entertainment purposes only. =)

I saw the this image above and wanted to continue our discussion about Living With Wolves.

In Living with Wolves – Part 2 we reviewed the Pack Hierarchy system of wolves and their packs that we learned while watching Wolves at our Door and Living with Wolves.

If you have more than one dog there’s definitely a pack dynamic among the dogs. They have their own structure and hierarchy. However, we humans in the pack also play roles – and when we assume the highest Alpha position – most canines will respond as HAPPY, relaxed, and carefree Subordinate pack members. They’re super thrilled that someone else is making the decisions, providing consistent nourishment, a trusted schedule, a safe den, the risks/rewards of breeding, and individually they are not fully responsible for any major pack decisions. What a GREAT life!

displeased However, when we do not assume the highest Alpha position, and we let a canine pack member become the Alpha – OFTEN through behavior that humans don’t even know that they are doing to encourage this role – the pack dynamic can have some challenges. Aggression towards others (human, canine or others), marking, barking, destructive behavior, whining, howling, anxiety, fears, etc. MAY be some signs of a canine pack member who might not be in their correct role.

When a pack member is in their correct role, knows its place in the pack, is fed, feels safe and satisfied – it is bliss for everyone in the pack.

I hope you’re enjoying seeing your dogs through this new lens if you’ve never considered it before. I highly encourage these videos if you haven’t watched them – Wolves at our Door and Living with Wolves – and if you have extra money laying around, please consider sending some to the Dutchers. They have spent their LIVES helping animals, and years studying these wolves and creating this spectacular footage, data and stories for us to see. I’m not an affiliate – just a person who loves dogs and our capacity as humans to understand, care and love them and each other as our own pack members.

Thank you for your time.

Found on ilovedogs

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O.M.G. You know I’m Alu-Coba Bass, ‘Coba Bass, no Treble!



With Wicket’s big neck-HUGS I feel super LOVED every day!

However, today I had an extra LOVE surprise! Just an hour ago I received a totally unexpected and awesome package from our retail partner – Mike, Owner at – as a THANK YOU and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY for all of the time we’ve spent together getting the Supplies and Equipment section featured in POM PRO: GROOM.SHOW App for our POM PRO INSIDERS!

I blushed for 20 minutes… I still can’t believe it! =)

OMG: I JUST had Donna refill my OMG bottle (I’ve been mooching…) so technically now I owe her this entire bottle! LOL This stuff is amazing!

– It conditions the coat without weighing it down.
– It SMELLS fantastic – very light, lighter than old school baby powder on a clean baby.
– Takes away static.
– Makes brushing Poms SUPER EASY on them, and my wrist/brush.

Bass Slicker Brush: It is fantastic and feels great in my hand! So awesome! =)


Utsumi Alu-Coba 8″ Straight Shears: Then those shears… I can’t believe it… they feel lighter than a pencil!! Donna and Mike said: you’ll love them – but don’t cut yourself – they’re super sharp!

I can’t wait to get to use them on a CLEAN POM! =)

Still beaming and blushing a little bit….

O.M.G. You know I’m Alu-Coba Bass, ‘Coba Bass, no Treble!



omg3  omg2

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American Pomeranian Club National Specialty


Only 25 days until our APC National Pom Specialty in Kentucky. Hundreds of Poms will compete from all over the world. To even get a Ribbon at this Specialty is a great honor!  Make sure your Minutes in front of the judge matter!

Good Luck to everyone attending. I hope to meet many of you there!

Donna Lynn Wright

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Living with Wolves – Part 2

Just a few days ago I made a post called Living with Wolves. If you didn’t see it, you can check it out here:

There aren’t any spoilers below if you haven’t watched it. If you aren’t going to – no problem! I put the REAL info you need to know below. =)

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert. I’m not even a trusted source. I’m simply a human animal, working at Discovery at the time this was released and I watched it about a dozen times in the late 1990’s – fascinated and studying the information contained in that original 58 minutes. It’s helped me through the years understand the dogs I’ve met through all-breed, Katrina and Pom Rescue; Dog Show Dogs; all of the dogs that came to visit me when we had the dog store, and the Pomeranians who are our personal pack. Now that we’re clear that I am for entertainment purposes only, let’s go!

We learned while watching Wolves at our Door and Living with Wolves the following about Pack Hierarchy: Male: Chooses/Enforces the Roles Below. Only Alphas Breed. Will hunt and patrol alone.

Alpha Female: Second in command. Will kill any other litters bred as it risks her litter and the safety/resources of the pack. Will hunt and patrol alone.

Beta Male: In Charge when Alphas are away. Overseer of everyone but Alphas. Raise young better than the Alpha – “Best Baby Sitters”

Beta Female: In Charge with Beta Male.

Puppies/Juveniles: Higher rank than sub and Omega – future of the pack, learning, confidence.

Subordinates: Happy to be in the middle! No big responsibilities, always eat, hunt when we have to, help train puppies sometimes, never hunt alone – great life!

Omega(s): Can be Male OR Female; or, Male AND Female (2). Bottom of the pack. Last to eat – but never intentionally starved by the pack. The Comic. Tension breaker. Submissive to everyone in the pack. Often the source of internal pack aggression among members as a peace-generating bonding mechanism of the two in conflict. The frustrated Alpha, Beta, Puppy, Juvenile or Sub Member, or both conflicting members will pick on the Omega to release the tension rather than fight with each other. Although the Omega takes a lot of aggression from the pack, the pack will DEFEND this member to the death against others. A pack was once found to have chewed and regurgitated food for a broken jaw Omega pack member for TWO years before it passed away.


Why the pack works: Socialization. Companionship. Pack hunting. Safety in numbers. Shared responsibility. More collective senses aware of surroundings and incoming danger. Also, there’s a place and clear role for almost everyone in the pack roles and most live a balanced, lower-stress life compared to the extreme Alphas and Omegas.


What if you don’t fit in?

Lone Wolf: A wolf who, for different reasons, has left their pack and is on a search to make their own pack or join another pack. This is a wolf who knows that its destiny or  opportunities are bigger than its place in its current pack – and although it’s risking EVERYTHING – they will leave their pack to fulfill their destiny.


So, if you have more than one Pom or more than any type of two or four legged pack and you’ve never done this before, can you see which role each of them plays? Can you identify who is your Alpha, Beta, and Omega? Especially if you’ve watched the videos this should be fun to pick them out.

It also shouldn’t be any surprise that humans take on these roles, too. If you take a look at the packs you run with you should be able to quickly identify everyone’s roles. It’s a natural thing that happens in most groups – permanent or temporary – and we humans look for it to happen when we join or form a group. Someone steps up to be the leader to guide and lead the group to common goals. Someone else will generally be called upon, or step up to play the second-in-command/in-charge when Leader is away. Then everyone else will fall into their natural places or be forced to take on a role by the Alpha.

I hope you find this information useful not only in how you see your dogs, but also how you see other pack animals and the people you have in your packs and the roles you play. Make sure you’re always playing the role you want in your packs.

If not, it’s less risk and easier for you, than the Lone Wolf, to find a new pack. We have the internet.


EDIT: Be sure to check out Living with Wolves – Part 1; and Living with Wolves – Part 3.

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I think if there’s one thing I can feel solid saying about most humans who breed, own, handle and participate in activities that compare one Pom to another – they are COMPETITIVE! =)

If you’re competitive, then you probably love to win.

Probably?!?! OF COURSE — WE LOVE TO WIN! WE are the CHAMPIONS!

Winning is amazing!! That FLOOD of Chemicals in our brain tell us that it is one of the most awesome perks in life – to FEEL LIKE and BE A WINNER!

We strive for all kinds of WINS as the OUTCOME of our day to day decisions we make for our Poms. The non-ribbon events of breeding, whelping, training, confidence, nutrition, coat products, grooming, etc.

We’re always looking for that edge. That advantage because…


So, if you like winning, then you should know….

FIFTY FOUR of your potential Pom competitors now own Lynnwrights POMeranian PRO.


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Living with Wolves – Part 1

In 1997, when I was a just three years younger than what I say I am now… 30…, I was working at Discovery – home of the Discovery Channel – and that year we aired a program called: Wolves at Our Door. One day I came to work and this awesome full-size poster was all over our office…and then this awesome poster was in two places in my apartment. wolvesatourdoorWolves At Our Door: imdb This amazing documentary by Jim and Jamie Dutcher is their 6-year story living among a pack of wolves, called the Sawtooth Pack, at the foot of a mountain in Idaho. Wolves At Our Door was nominated for three Primetime Emmy(R) Awards and  Jim and Jamie each won an Emmy. If you are in a pack relationship with dog(s)… Living with Wolves and Wolves at our Door sounds like: Every day – around four times a day. Amiright? hahahaha But, seriously, Jim and Jamie’s: video, audio, photos, data, observations, and journal files are now the largest catalog we have on wolves, to date. Thanks, Jim and Jamie! This is their website: and it has beautiful photos like this one below, as well as great info on wolves and info on the Sawtooth Pack. This is NOT an affiliate link – they are just cool people! I learned SO MUCH about packs, pack roles, pack relationships in this documentary – it still sticks with me after all of these years.

Because the internet is amazing… You can watch Wolves at our Door and Living with Wolves RIGHT NOW! When I found the links for this post, I was elated and I immediately watched Wolves at our Door – still amazing after all of these years. Then, I watched Living with Wolves for the first time and I was REALLY pleased with the additional information and story line on my favorite wolf pack, plus the love story is great! =)

I recommend them like this: Wolves at our Door – 58 minutes – watch this if you’ll only watch one. =) Focus: Pack Origin, Pack Purpose, Pack Members, Pack Hierarchy, Pack Behavior, Pack Loss/Mourning – and their life with the Dutchers.

Living With Wolves – 95 minutes Focus: Uses a lot of great Wolves at our Door original footage, but tells a much more behind-the-scenes fantastic story. Jim’s early effort before the Sawtooth Pack, how he met Jamie, their developing relationship during the start of the Sawtooth Pack and more of the real life that was happening while we were just playing in the snow with the Pack in Wolves at our Door, above. =)

IMPORTANT NOTE! If you cry over sensitive stuff – I do, too – it’s totally ok! To help – the wolves lived years after this was filmed and the last original Sawtooth pack member passed just a awhile ago at 17 years of age.  I hope that knowledge helps soften the few tear-jerking least a little bit. =)

I hope you enjoy these programs and you learn something new about your POM pack (or any pack you’re in – permanent or temporary) that didn’t know before. =)

EDIT: Be sure to check out Living with Wolves – Part 2; and Living with Wolves – Part 3.

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Sure, you can pay him $100 more for your shears. You’re an adult.

This weekend at the Pomeranian Specialty shows in Virginia, USA there’s a vendor who will sell you the 8″ Utsumi Straight Shears for $310 today, and $290 this weekend.


In our POM PRO: GROOM.SHOW App, POM PROs have special access to a private online retail store where we offer the supplies and equipment that Donna Lynn Wright features in the App.

One of our items is that very same 8″ Utsumi Straight Shears for $210 with the App, or $248 without through our partner

You’re choice. =)

We’re very proud of our partnership with and what we are able to offer to our POM PRO users as a THANK YOU for getting POM PRO: GROOM.SHOW and an easy way to get access to the same supplies and equipment that Donna uses on her Poms!

Enjoy! =)

As always, thank you for your minutes.

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In the European Union, Canada or Norway and thinking about getting POM PRO?

I received an email:

App Store VAT & Foreign Exchange Rate Increase for European Union, Canada, Norway

Decrease: Iceland

Change: Russia

Click here to get Lynnwrights POMeranian PRO: GROOM.SHOW


From Apple App Store team:

1/7/2015 7:06p ET

Dear Lorelei,

Within the next 36 hours, prices on the App Store will increase for all territories in the European Union as well as in Canada and Norway, decrease in Iceland, and change in Russia. These changes are being made to account for adjustments in value-added tax (VAT) rates and foreign exchange rates.


The App Store team

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