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Lynnwrights POMeranian PRO: GROOM.SHOW App

Updated July 23, 2016

RUSSIAN / русский

If you have a question that’s not covered here, email us at questions@onesiren.com or find Lorelei Sibet on Facebook.

NOTE: GROOM.SHOW requires a strong internet connection. If you’re able to play videos around 30 minutes up to full length movies easily – this app will work great for you! Weak internet connection, or poor wi-fi signal may effect app performance.

OTHER LANGUAGES: RUSSIAN Translation is DONE!! See link above.

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Q: I don’t have an Apple or Android device. Can I get POM PRO?
A: We sell POM PRO Apps through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and so the easiest way to get POM PRO Apps are on an App Store supported device.

See below for Kindle and PC/Mac Options that require additional installation.

Q: Can I get POM PRO on DVD, CD or Book?
A: We’re sorry, no. GROOM.SHOW is just the first in our Lynnwrights POMeranian PRO: APPS. Very soon we have features planned do not work on DVD, CD or Book technology.

Q: I have a MAC. Can I get POM PRO?
A: IF you can access the App Store on the Apple Device, AND the MAC shares the same account as any other device you’ve already purchased POM PRO on, OR you make a first-time purchase on the MAC, then YES, you can install it on a MAC.

Q: I have a PC Desktop or Laptop? Can I get POM PRO?
A: SEE THIS POST – https://pompro.wordpress.com/2014/12/13/bluestacks-for-pc-users-to-run-google-play-apps-and-pom-pro/

Q: I don’t want to watch it on my Smartphone or Tablet – I want to watch it on a bigger screen.
A: We understand. We just want you to know that we filmed POM PRO: GROOM.SHOW for the Smartphone screen. However, if you want to watch GROOM.SHOW on a larger screen here are some options. We provide these links for informational purposes only. We’ll try to help troubleshoot where we can, but this is not a strong area of expertise for us. =)

– Use Apple TV (~$90) to show the App on the connected television and this uses AirPlay. I also understand iTunes can be used.

– Use Google’s Chromecast (~$35) to play POM PRO on your Chromecast Connected TV.

– Buy an HDMI cable — one end plugs into phone, the other into the TV, make sure the cord is long enough that you can still easily use/access your device.

Apple: Connect your iPhone, iPad or Mac directly to your TV (and review of the other two connection methods on this link, too!). Click here to HDMI cable from the Apple Store.

Android: Connect your Android directly to your TV

Q: I have _______ and a _________ can I watch it on both and only pay once?
A: Things to consider:

Apple products buy apps from the Apple App Store. If an iPad and an iPhone are not on the same iTunes account, then the app will have to be purchased twice to be viewed on both devices.

Android products buy apps from the Google Play Store. If and Android phone and an Android tablet are not on the same Google Play Account, the app will have to be purchased twice to be viewed on both devices.

Apple App Store and Google Play Store have no cross-platform sharing option.

Here’s a quick reference:

iPhone : iPad — assuming they share the same iTunes account: Yes!
iPhone: Mac — assuming they share the same iTunes account: Yes!
iPhone : Tablet — Unfortunately, no. Apple App Store : Google Play Store
Android : iPad — Unfortunately, no. Google Play Store : Apple App Store
Android : Tablet — assuming they share the same Google Play account: Yes!
Android : PC — assuming PC has Bluestacks and they share the same Google Play account: Yes!

Q: I want to buy POM PRO for SOMEONE ELSE, how can I get POM PRO for someone else?
A: FIRST, I personally want you to know that you are a REALLY GOOD HUMAN BEING. That is VERY NICE of you! Awwww!

Second, you MUST find out/know if the person has an Android Device or an Apple Device. IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF THEIR DEVICE, get them a VISA/American Express/Master Card gift card and that will cover both platforms. =)

If you know their device:

APPLE ONLINE:  Has instructions on how to do it.

ANDROID ONLINE: Google Play store does not have a way to sell you a virtual gift card or virtual code to claim an App, but I’m sure the have a team of programmers working on that right now. =)

APPLE AND ANDROID GIFT CARDS: Many major retailers in the US sell RETAILER GIFT CARDS (Target, CVS, Walgreens, Amazon, Grocery Store, etc.) will have Apple and Google Play Store Gift Cards that you can buy and give to someone.


Q: I have a Kindle. Can I get POM PRO?
A: Yes – BUT….it’s not going to be simple and you’ll have to WIPE your Kindle and lose all Kindle functionality (but you can always reinstall their Kindle app…)

A Kindle IS an Android device. Kindle put their own interface on TOP of the Android device. Unfortunately, this locks a user out of using the Google Play store because Amazon would prefer to take your money instead of sending you to Google, something about business and profits and stuff.. =)

To be able to access the Google Play store on a Kindle fire, you have to ROOT (bring it back to it’s original state before it grew) the Kindle back into a standard Android device – removing the Amazon layer of the interface. READ THAT AGAIN – performing this action WILL REMOVE ALL KINDLE INTERFACE/LOGIN/ACCESS that you may use on the device. Ok..sorry to yell, but that’s important. =)

Now if you REALLY want to do this (which, I would if I had one..but, that’s just because I would want to get access to the Google Play Store for the apps) here you’ll find a PAID and a FREE option. My husband did the PAID option on one of our Kind Fire’s and said it was really easy to do.

NOTE: You will perform this at your OWN RISK – and we don’t know enough to be able to offer any support. If you’re not confident with these types of tasks – please ask for help.

If anyone does this – please COMMENT below or write me at questions@onesiren.com and let me know how it goes. Thanks! =)

Free: http://www.epubor.com/how-to-install-google-play-on-kindle-fire.html
Paid: http://n2aos.com/


Q: How can I have the best experience with POM PRO?
A: Make sure your operating system is up to date. Make sure all applications are closed.


Q: When I click on the image on the main page to enter a chapter, I see the chapter page for a second, but then a Facebook links loads on my screen.
A: You might be touching the main photo twice. The second click touches the Facebook link on the next page in the same place. Only touch once to enter the chapters.

Q: After I play the video full screen and return to a chapter page, the video box is gray, but the video still plays – why?
A: This is due to our streaming service and the return to the chapter video/transcript page and is not within our control to fix at this time, but we’re looking to see if we can find a solution for the future.


Q: What’s the best way to view the videos in POM PRO?
A: Video best viewed in full screen mode and landscape orientation.

Q: How do I play videos in Full Screen Mode?
A: Sometimes when you press play the video your device knows to automatically play the video in full screen mode. Sometimes, this setting is turned off or if you need to do it manually – on the bottom right corner of the video is a little box made up of four arrows point away from each other. That is the full screen video button.

Q: How do I get OUT of Full Screen Mode?
A: If you don’t see your play/pause button, touch the screen until you do. There is sometimes a DONE button, sometimes it has the the same button you pressed before, but now the box is four arrows pointing toward each other.

Q: Do you have an image of what those buttons look like for Full Screen?
A: Glad you asked! I do!


Q: My video looks a little choppy when I play it. How can I fix that?
A: Although the video is being streamed from the server, it takes a little bit of time to download the entire video into the buffer before you play.

Q: What is video buffering, and how do I do it?
A: Buffering is a way of pre-loading the videos you’re going to watch so the fluctuations in your internet connection don’t cause choppy playback.

Q: How do I know my video is buffering or fully buffered?
A: There is a yellow bar at the bottom of the video player that tells you where the buffer is in relation to the duration of the video. It is separate from the button that tells you where you currently are in the video.

Q: I don’t hear any sound!
A: There is definitely sound. Every chapter has music at the beginning and end and Donna’s voice is always near the start of the video. Make sure you check the following:

– Physical buttons ON the device
– Earbuds/Headphones aren’t plugged in
– There isn’t anything stuck inside the earbud/headphone plug hole
– Any volume buttons are turned up on the device and on screen.
– Any mute buttons switched off on the device or on screen.
– Settings, Sound for access controls.

Q: Why isn’t there any music in the middle of the chapter videos?
A: The video instruction of GROOM.SHOW is almost four hours. Given the variety of music tastes, possible locations for viewing/learning from the video, headphones/earbuds we felt it was best to allow you to add your own ambient noises or sounds as desired while studying this instruction and only put music at the start and end of each chapter.

Q: I see Donna talking to others in the video. Who is she talking to?
A: This was filmed at Donna’s Professional Grooming Shop. She’s either talking to the dog, her groomers, customers and some of the owners of some of the Poms she groomed.

Q: Why isn’t Donna talking on camera while she’s grooming?
A: When people do things that they’ve trained themselves to do and perfected their skills over decades of doing it – if you ask them the steps they follow to do that process they will often miss the nuggets of goodness that they naturally and unconsciously do during any process. We wanted to make sure we captured all of the natural nuances of Donna’s grooming process to share it all with you.


Q: Why do I have to put the password in the COMPANY field of the registration form?
A: The hosting and commerce company of our partner does not have the ability to add a custom field to the registration form. We’re working on a better solution for this, but in the meantime thank you for accommodating this.

Q: I registered at BlueStallionSharpening.com but I forgot to put the password in the company field of the registration form. Now what do I do?
A: No problem! Email questions@onesiren.com and we’ll be happy to handle your account upgrade. Be sure to email from the same email address you’ve registered with at BlueStallionSharpening.com or provide us with that email address in the message.


Q: Why is one shear so much more expensive and sometimes it’s the same brand AND it’s a shorter shear!?
A: There are hand forged and machine forged shears. Hand forged shears are often much more expensive.

Q: How often should I sharpen my shears?
A: Good hair shears last for up to 400-500 hair cuts before they need sharpening. Shears should go to sharpening if they are dropped on the table or the floor.

Q: How much does it cost to sharpen a pair of grooming shears?
A: Sharpening services vary by provider, but you should estimate around $12.-$20. plus any shipping fees. Make CERTAIN that your sharpening service has the equipment to properly sharpen these types of shears or they could be ruined. Make CERTAIN anyone sharpening your shears understands the value and your expectation of high quality work as the result. Many sharpening services do not have the proper equipment to do Grooming Shears and Clipper Blades.

Q: What do I need to know about buying high quality grooming shears?
A: The qualities you should be looking for in a shear are:

Length – How long are the shears? Donna recommends at least 7″, but preferably 8″ shears for all Pom trimming. 8″ means the entire shear is 8″ long. These longer blades allow your HAND to be away from the Pom’s body and face and only the end portion of the shears is touching the dog during trimming. Use a short blade for your trimming and your hand is practically on the dogs face or body.

Weight – Remember, you’ll be holding your hand and arm out into the air, carrying the weight and repetitive motion of trimming (open close open close). You will want the weight of your shear to be as light as possible.

Right Hand / Left Hand – Some manufacturers do not offer left hand. Be sure the shear option you are choosing says LEFT HAND as the option before purchase.

Blade Type – Straight, Curved, Blender, Thinner – We recommend (2) Straight; (1) Blender.

Thinner/Blender Teeth Count & Cutout % – think about a straight shear as 1 Tooth with 100% cutout. If a Blender has 20 teeth and a 50% cut out, it will cut half of the hair, each stroke, that a straight shear would cut. Teeth and teeth space width determines the cut pattern.

Swivel or SuperSwivel – to help fatigue on the hand/thumb hole/ring finger hole and provide significantly increased shear/hand mobility.

Q: I’m really nervous about using such a BIG shear on my little POM! Do you have any tips to help?
A: Even though the shears are 8″ long, if you follow the techniques that Donna uses you will mostly only use the 1-2.5″ at just the tip of the shear for the majority of your trimming/scissoring. However, on the areas where you need to do blending, that longer blade has the BIG advantage over the smaller blades and you’ll make less cuts and create more clean lines with the longer shear.

Q: Ok, that helps, but is there something else I can do?
A: Yes! Get a cheap pair of 7-8″ shears and while you’re watching TV, on a conference call – just not while running – put the shear on your thumb and ring finger of your dominant hand and just practice opening and closing the shear slowly while trying to keep the tip steady and in the same place.

Q: These are awesome tips – what else?
A: While scissoring one blade stays stationary and is placed where you want to cut, then the other blade comes to meet it and cut the hair.

Q: I see the word BEVEL blade. What does this mean?
A: If the blade is bevel, if you looked at it straight on at the tip, you’d notice a ROUNDED edge to the outside of each blade on the shear. Compared to a flat blade, this bevel will “raise” the cutting line away from the outside edge of the bevel on the shear. For example, when trimming the pad of POM feet with a small and THIN blade scissor (4″ or under) that thin blade will CUT very close to the pad of the POM’s foot and often will CUT any raised area of the pad of the foot causing it to bleed. A BEVEL blade is THICKER and when used on the pad of the feet the bevel will slide across the pad of the foot, but the cut line is probably just (1) millimeter higher than that – protecting the foot pads, or ear tip from being cut.

There are MANY sites on the web that provide great information about how to select, use and care for shears. We’ve provided our picks/favorites with exclusive pricing in the Exclusive Offers inside POM PRO.

Q: What’s the difference between a Blender and a Thinner? What about different types of Blenders and Thinners?
A: Blender has teeth on ONE side; straight blade on the other. A Thinner has teeth on both sides and generally cuts LESS hair than the Blender. Blenders and Thinners will have a description of either TEETH or % Cutout. Often it’s represented like this: 30T 30% Cutout

Q: After I buy my shears what else do I need to consider?
A: Shears last a long time if you take care of them, use them appropriately and store them properly. Make sure you either use the original package your shear came in to store your shears, or purchase a shear wallet that holds one or multiple shears.

Q: What do I need to know about owning and using my grooming shears?
A: Have at minimum (3) pairs of shears:
– a straight 7-8″ for your Pom’s DIRTY coat*;
– a second, and presumably better quality, 7-8″ straight for your Pom’s CLEAN coat*;
– and a 7-8″ Blender/Chunker Shear

* Dirt and oil in the coat can often add nicks and scratches to the cutting portion of the blade reducing the precision and effectiveness of the cut. Also, dirt and oil gets into the joint mechanism of shears and can cause misalignment and more damage to the blade resulting in more frequent sharpening and an accelerated loss of the blade quality.

Use and Storage:
– NEVER wash your shears
– NEVER set your shears down with the blades open
– NEVER cut anything but Pomeranian hair with your grooming shears
– ALWAYS store your shears in a protective shear case that keeps the shears closed and protected from impact and moisture
– NEVER hang your shears or do anything to offset the precision of those two blades meeting in the exact place to cut the hair
– ALWAYS have your shears sharpened if you notice any hair pulling when you cut, any hair folding or if you’ve dropped them

Q: How am I supposed to hold my grooming shear?
ALWAYS have the proper finger hole fittings on your shear so your fingers are in the shear holes like this: SharkFin Shear Position and your hand is in a natural proper position for less hand fatigue.

Q: Why does checkout say a 3-5 Day Processing time? What if I chose overnight shipping?
We’re all small businesses. We’re simply unable to hold a lot of inventory and so we need to have a 3-5 day processing time in the event that your item is not in stock at the time of your order or there are processing delays at BlueStallionSharpening.com. As we grow, we’ll may be able to improve the fulfillment time.

Why does it sometimes take a few hours or more to get upgraded access to the POM PRO Exclusive Offers at BlueStallionSharpening.com?
A: This is a human handled process among just a few people on the same time zone/sleep schedule at the moment. =)

Q: Is Donna being compensated by these companies to promote their products?
A: Not yet! =) She originally planned on just featuring the products (because she LOVES them) in the video and assumed people would go to the web/dog shows to find/buy them.

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