Updated July 23, 2016


In early 2014 Donna and Lorelei, friends for a decade, were having a conversation about new business ideas. Lorelei suggested that Donna make a Show Grooming instruction video – and with that, she was on board. As we got further into the conversation and planning it was determined that the best way to deliver that content would be through an App. Although we knew not everyone had a smartphone yet, we knew that this would be the best mode to deliver high quality HD video and Pom content in a way that someone could use or reference it anywhere. Plus, we have future plans that only could be accomplished in an App environment.

Donna is driven. When she decides she’s going to do something she puts everything she has into it. She filmed the first Pom and looked at the footage that evening and realized that the zoom in and out was good, but moving the camera would be even better. Donna did a fantastic job of really capturing the exact process she’s perfected over the years to groom Show Pomeranians on several different Poms of age, coat color and coat stage.

Above is a video screenshot from Donna’s first day of filming.


About Lorelei Sibet, Dharmesh Patel and One Siren Productions (www.onesiren.com).

We are personal friends with Donna. In the years together Donna and Lorelei have been through A LOT as friends. She is a TRUE friend. =)

Dharmesh and I were excited to lend our talent and experience to this project and we’re really looking forward to providing our POM PRO fans with an unparalleled experience given our background and expertise.

For us, we are committed to SUPERIOR and UNMATCHED customer service and products for our users. I’m fully aware that you can spend your minutes ANYWHERE and on ANYTHING in this world. I’m grateful for every person who gives their life minutes to the experiences that we create.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments on POM PRO or what you’d like to see – please email me questions@onesiren.com.

Thank you again, POM PEOPLE, for all of your support and encouragement! If anything, it’s clear you SHOW…..UP!

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