Gifting POM PRO

Hello, POM PROS!

Since the Pomeranian Community is a nice and supportive worldwide community we’ve had a few POM PROS ask:

How can I give Lynnwrights POM PRO: GROOM.SHOW App as a gift to a friend?

SO nice!

Here’s a little guide I wrote that can also be found in our FAQs at http://POMPRO.Club:


Q: I want to buy POM PRO: GROOM.SHOW for SOMEONE ELSE, how can I get POM PRO for someone else?

A: First, it is very important that you know their type of device – an iPhone or an Android phone.

If you are unsure, buy them a general Visa/American Express gift card to cover the app cost. These gifts cards will work on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.

If you know their device:

APPLE ONLINE: Has instructions on how to do it. Click, here.

ANDROID Online: Google Play store does not have a way to sell you a virtual gift card or virtual code to claim an App, but I’m sure the have a team of programmers working on that right now. =)

APPLE AND ANDROID GIFT CARDS: Many major retailers in the US sell RETAILER GIFT CARDS (Target, CVS, Walgreens, Amazon, Grocery Store, etc.) will have Apple and Google Play Store Gift Cards that you can buy and give to anyone.



We’d like to thank all of you for your continued support, likes, follows, and high ratings of Lynnwrights POM PRO: GROOM.SHOW. 

Our POM PRO INSIDERS group continue to grow in numbers and we’re so happy for all of the positive reviews and feedback we’ve received.

We hope you have a very App-y Holiday Season!

…a little App humor.. =)

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