POM PRO: GROOM . SHOW Insider App Review

From one of our GROOM . SHOW Insiders / App Owner:

“This app is fantastic. Not only does it break grooming down section by section, but it clearly shows easier ways to groom. Neither myself or my dogs have to stand on our heads to get certain areas trimmed.

Also, love how it’s broken into chapters for each area. Don’t have to look for a certain area by fast forwarding through entire app to find what I’m looking for. Last, but not least, I can continuously go back & review each chapter as I need to. Very convenient to have on iPhone & iPad.

This app has answered so many questions I’ve had, but couldn’t always find someone to ask. Better yet, to show me.

If you do nothing else, get the OMG spray! As the name suggests, OMG, how have I managed without it!

This app has been worth every penny. I love it & my dogs do too.”

Get Lynnwrights POM PRO: GROOM . SHOW here.

About Lorelei Sibet

Entrepreneur. People Lover. Empathizer. Hugger. Gamer. Founder. Owner. Founding Member. Investor. Maker. Fixer. Person, Project, Platform, Product: Concept, Development, Launch and Maintenance.
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