Living with Wolves – Part 3


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I made a post called Living with Wolves. If you didn’t see it, you can check it out here: Then I made a follow up post called Living with Wolves – Part 2. If you didn’t see it, you can check it out here:

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert. I’m not even a trusted source. See Part 2 for more disclaimer. I am for entertainment purposes only. =)

I saw the this image above and wanted to continue our discussion about Living With Wolves.

In Living with Wolves – Part 2 we reviewed the Pack Hierarchy system of wolves and their packs that we learned while watching Wolves at our Door and Living with Wolves.

If you have more than one dog there’s definitely a pack dynamic among the dogs. They have their own structure and hierarchy. However, we humans in the pack also play roles – and when we assume the highest Alpha position – most canines will respond as HAPPY, relaxed, and carefree Subordinate pack members. They’re super thrilled that someone else is making the decisions, providing consistent nourishment, a trusted schedule, a safe den, the risks/rewards of breeding, and individually they are not fully responsible for any major pack decisions. What a GREAT life!

displeased However, when we do not assume the highest Alpha position, and we let a canine pack member become the Alpha – OFTEN through behavior that humans don’t even know that they are doing to encourage this role – the pack dynamic can have some challenges. Aggression towards others (human, canine or others), marking, barking, destructive behavior, whining, howling, anxiety, fears, etc. MAY be some signs of a canine pack member who might not be in their correct role.

When a pack member is in their correct role, knows its place in the pack, is fed, feels safe and satisfied – it is bliss for everyone in the pack.

I hope you’re enjoying seeing your dogs through this new lens if you’ve never considered it before. I highly encourage these videos if you haven’t watched them – Wolves at our Door and Living with Wolves – and if you have extra money laying around, please consider sending some to the Dutchers. They have spent their LIVES helping animals, and years studying these wolves and creating this spectacular footage, data and stories for us to see. I’m not an affiliate – just a person who loves dogs and our capacity as humans to understand, care and love them and each other as our own pack members.

Thank you for your time.

Found on ilovedogs

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