O.M.G. You know I’m Alu-Coba Bass, ‘Coba Bass, no Treble!



With Wicket’s big neck-HUGS I feel super LOVED every day!

However, today I had an extra LOVE surprise! Just an hour ago I received a totally unexpected and awesome package from our retail partner – Mike, Owner at BlueStallionSharepning.com – as a THANK YOU and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY for all of the time we’ve spent together getting the Supplies and Equipment section featured in POM PRO: GROOM.SHOW App for our POM PRO INSIDERS!

I blushed for 20 minutes… I still can’t believe it! =)

OMG: I JUST had Donna refill my OMG bottle (I’ve been mooching…) so technically now I owe her this entire bottle! LOL This stuff is amazing!

– It conditions the coat without weighing it down.
– It SMELLS fantastic – very light, lighter than old school baby powder on a clean baby.
– Takes away static.
– Makes brushing Poms SUPER EASY on them, and my wrist/brush.

Bass Slicker Brush: It is fantastic and feels great in my hand! So awesome! =)


Utsumi Alu-Coba 8″ Straight Shears: Then those shears… I can’t believe it… they feel lighter than a pencil!! Donna and Mike said: you’ll love them – but don’t cut yourself – they’re super sharp!

I can’t wait to get to use them on a CLEAN POM! =)

Still beaming and blushing a little bit….

O.M.G. You know I’m Alu-Coba Bass, ‘Coba Bass, no Treble!



omg3  omg2

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