I think if there’s one thing I can feel solid saying about most humans who breed, own, handle and participate in activities that compare one Pom to another – they are COMPETITIVE! =)

If you’re competitive, then you probably love to win.

Probably?!?! OF COURSE — WE LOVE TO WIN! WE are the CHAMPIONS!

Winning is amazing!! That FLOOD of Chemicals in our brain tell us that it is one of the most awesome perks in life – to FEEL LIKE and BE A WINNER!

We strive for all kinds of WINS as the OUTCOME of our day to day decisions we make for our Poms. The non-ribbon events of breeding, whelping, training, confidence, nutrition, coat products, grooming, etc.

We’re always looking for that edge. That advantage because…


So, if you like winning, then you should know….

FIFTY FOUR of your potential Pom competitors now own Lynnwrights POMeranian PRO.


About Lorelei Sibet

Entrepreneur. People Lover. Empathizer. Hugger. Gamer. Founder. Owner. Founding Member. Investor. Maker. Fixer. Person, Project, Platform, Product: Concept, Development, Launch and Maintenance.
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    Winning is awesome!


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