How many minutes will you spend on your passions this year?



This year, like every year you’ve been here – YOU have some decisions to make about what you’re going to do with your minutes. Of course, we all share the eating, sleeping, engaging, commuting, etc. minutes. Outside of those minutes each day:

How many minutes will you invest in your passion this year?

In 2014, Donna Lynn Wright invested months of minutes into Lynnwrights POMeranian PRO: GROOM.SHOW.  Starting early in the year with brainstorming, storyboards, scheduling the dogs she was going to film, setting up the equipment, grooming the dogs, cutting the video footage, editing the timelines and chapters, and then doing all of the voice overs/transcripts.

From late Spring through Fall she invested additional minutes into writing her Kennel Visit for the Pomeranian Review that should be out soon, while she designed the graphics and icons that would appear IN the app.

I chuckle as I write this now…but, just imagine the creative stress for Donna to create a FULL PAGE Ad for your Pomeranian Peers, life long Mentors, and ALL Pomeranian Judges for your product – that you’ve never seen and isn’t finished yet – AND – you hope will launch by the time the magazine comes out. Ha!

Donna then set up all of the Pinterest and our Facebook pages and together we did a redesign and relaunch of her business and Pomeranian websites. All while running her business full time with employees.

We launched the App in the middle of Donna’s busiest time at the grooming shop all year – Mid-October through January. Plus, every day – her LIFE and home responsibilities as well!

Phew! I’m tired just re-thinking about it!

Donna invested A LOT of minutes into her passions her entire life – and then last year she pushed it even further, and as a result of those minutes: Lynnwrights POM PRO: GROOM.SHOW is now available to you.

That was ONE year.

Of course, Donna hasn’t stopped – that’s not what driven people do. She working on her next release POM PRO: GROOM.NON-SHOW and she’s committed to sharing all of her years of experience and knowledge of Poms with anyone who wants it – around the world!

You see, Donna put her minutes into creating a sculpted life around those passions and practices it EVERY DAY. But, she also pushed herself further outside of her day-to-day life passions for a year (as she’s done before with her artwork, her woodworking, etc. in the past) and has created yet another special and unique gift to share with others.

This is not a comparison of Donna’s life to our lives. If I got to know you I’m sure I could write a very similar account of how you’ve been driven in your life, survived amazing minutes both joyful and painful, followed your heart and passions and made your impact on your/our world. Donna is an example of one person who puts her minutes into her passions, takes action against her goals, and is victorious and successful.

As the sales of POM PRO: GROOM.SHOW and the feedback from our INSIDERS Exclusive Community have been clear Donna’s invested minutes are being so well received. They love the app, they’re learning new things each time they practice, and they enjoy having direct access to ask Donna any questions. Our POM PRO: GROOM.SHOW Owners are very happy with the minutes that Donna invested and soon we should hear more about the results of the minutes that they invested in themselves and their passion.

So I ask again – How many minutes will you invest in your passion this year?

Thank you for your minutes.

Lorelei Sibet

About Lorelei Sibet

Entrepreneur. People Lover. Empathizer. Hugger. Gamer. Founder. Owner. Founding Member. Investor. Maker. Fixer. Person, Project, Platform, Product: Concept, Development, Launch and Maintenance.
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